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Blakemore Consulting has written five books all of which are recommended reading at Australian Universities and Colleges. These titles are now available by direct order for only AU$30.00 plus postage & handling. Details available via e-mail - OR 

  • Strategic Planning for Business -  
    Self Help Model with Pro-forma plan.
      This self-help manual is a refinement one used in over 20 companies over the last 20 years. It begins with a discussion on the need to understand the processes and systems and strategies needed to develop a sustainable business in the ever-changing global marketplace. Each business function is defined and a strategic evaluation process is described using simple data collection forms appended to the model.

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Stategic Planning
  • Competitive Manufacturing Management ....Velocity
    The digital lean fast future of business. This new paperback book offers the solution to this familiar challenge to management… faster innovation and product and service delivery at a higher degree of precision…. six sigma processes using lean thinking and digital data from the source.

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  • Lean Six Sigma Service Management 
    This book is about the next development in lean thinking using digital data and lean systems to increase profitability in the service industry. Business increasingly is about agility and high velocity at a level of precision so high that defects in process and product are of the order of parts per billion....six sigma. 

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  • Quality Habits of Best Business Practice. 1995.
    This book is about the conclusions that can be drawn from over 100 successful creative change programs applying the rules of the best companies - "The Quality Habits". Covering actual case studies of selected major corporations, you will find this book fascinating in content and rewarding to study. This book is currently being translated into Mandarin.

Quality Habits

  • The Quality Solution. 1989
    Critically acclaimed by reviewers, this book uncovers the secrets of "Total Quality Management". This is a philosophy aimed at continuous improvement in productivity, quality and employee harmony. Essential reading for every level of management today.

Papers Available for Download

John Blakemore of Blakemore Consulting has written an extensive number of papers on many business management related topics, some of which may be freely downloaded as PDF files simply by clicking on the linked headings below. All we ask is that you send an email to us at as a matter of courtesy. 

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